History of Amigo Fiel


Carlos Garcia grew up running the streets of Juarez and in late 1992 after living in the US for about 16 years a friend invited him on a short work trip to Juarez. After a few of these short weekend mission trips Carlos felt a strong calling from God to go back to his home and reach the people that were without hope. Along with his wife Sylvia and 3 children, Santiago, Olga and Bianca, as well as many people from his local church, Carlos began stepping out in faith to take weekend treks to Juarez. These trips involved equipping other churches to teach God’s word and to help the needy with basic needs such as clothing, shelter, and food. But most importantly Carlos wanted to show the people of Juarez the love of God.


As the volunteers from the US grew in numbers it became apparent that safe, clean, and secure accommodations were necessary. In 1996 Carlos bought an old house that eventually became the Base. The idea behind the Base was to have a safe, clean place where Amigo Fiel volunteers could come home to after a long day of hard work. Today the base is known to many as a home away from home where one can shower, eat, and have some fun with fellow workers.

The Blue House 

After working with several day-orphanages, Carlos saw a need to not only protect and teach children, but to help clothe and feed them. So he bought a little blue house from his uncle about 10 minutes away from the Base, opened the doors and started offering lunch to the children in the local coloñia. Many of the adults in the area were grateful for the care that was being given to the children, that it opened the door for Carlos to start a Saturday night Bible study.


Initially mostly women would attend the Saturday night Bible study but soon enough entire families were attending and finding renewed hope and healing in their family. Today we have a Sunday morning service, along with Wednesday nights and youth group on Friday evening. We are seeing wonderful fruit from the church as members are serving one another and growing in their walk.

Amigo Fiel

The next purchase was the corner lot adjacent to the Blue House. Through the hard work and financial support from many people we were able to build the Amigo Fiel facility, which houses the church and our afterschool program.

Today, children come daily for a hot meal, help with their homework, and are taught a character series based on God’s word.

Most importantly, children have a safe place to go to after school where they receive love and have a place where they feel safe. There are always people there to listen to and counsel them through whatever they might be going through at home or at school.